Product Safety

Our Pledge

We care about your baby and children’s safety and your peace of mind and that’s why strict adherence to all relevant local, national and international safety standards as well as our own rigorous testing is embedded in our culture.

We are committed to remaining the number one destination where our customers can confidently shop knowing that product safety is our number one priority and we are constantly upgrading our testing and inspection processes on products from wherever they are sourced to reinforce this pledge.

Age Recommendations

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that toys are safe it is vital that children are playing safely with them.To help you keep your children safe we have published age recommendations on product descripton area for each product.

Buy the right toy for the right age child. Check age recommendations on the product page, product label and any age warnings.

These age warnings are for safety reasons and should be strictly followed.

  • Little children under 3 years love to put things in their mouth so make sure they do not play with toys with small parts.
  • Regularly check for broken or damaged toys and throw them away! Once they are broken you can’t be sure they are still safe.
  • Always read and follow manufacturer’s instructions as they contain important information.
  • Ensure older children keep their toys away from younger children as they might not be safe for younger hands.
  • Tidy toys away where possible to avoid trips and falls.
  • IMPORTANT: Parental supervision during play is always advised.

Safety warnings

Keep garments away from fire.

Please remove all detachable parts including hang-tags and hangers